Food Police

108314877Live-to-eat people, people like me, love food. We love fat, salt, sugar, good, home made bread slathered with slices of chilled, salted Normandy butter. We love a slab of rib eye, rare, with freshly made, buttery hollandaise. Some of us love foie gras, seared or mi-cuit with a sauternes jelly; or blended with cream cheese and stuffed into choux buns topped with a salted caramel glaze. I could go on.

There are 2500 people in my office building. We have a team of chefs cooking breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea from scratch every day. We’re spoiled. For variety, as much for the chefs as the patrons, they have theme days like Fish & Chip Shop Day; Bernie-Inn Day; Pie Shop Day.

The queues are huge, the dining area crammed. Average-sized people sit next to fellow sludgers, all happily tucking into fatty foods that taste so damn good.

In 2012 there was the now infamous Man vs Food Day. They served dishes (single portion size) from the TV show. The queues were measured in waiting time. The chefs had a battle to keep up with demand. The takings were through the roof.

The office magazine refused to write about it because it was deemed to be promoting unhealthy eating. Unhealthy eating is having one person eat the lot. It’s about ignoring self-imposed moderating, avoiding responsibility for your own actions, avoiding nutrition.

Healthy eating is not about living off low fat, low carb, low seasoning, low taste, low-everything but gut-scouring fibre-laden food. Healthy eating is about understanding nutrition, your body’s needs (respecting it’s not one size fits all) and the impact of your choices; it’s not about health food.

Those who focus too heavily on ‘healthy food’ are people who don’t like food. Eat-to-live people. One could argue that they, too, have a non-standard food relationship.

There was a Healthy Eating Day. It had the lowest takings on record.


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  1. You made me laugh this morning, so thank you!

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