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  Good smells are underrated. They are tempting, memorable and distracting. I believe that men should have a discernible smell. Not the smell of the great unwashed at the end of a long sweaty, deodorant-free day. The kind of smell that pervades a packed … Continue reading

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Diets mean Maths

Calamity. We didn’t have scales until earlier this year. And these were not the Spinning Wheel of Scales Doom that we all grew up on. Mais, non! These are Modern scales. They measure BMI, have a blue light that illuminates … Continue reading

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Raw flesh

When I was in my early twenties I discovered Maria Callas. For a former post-punk Goth this was something of a departure, yet given the whole 50’s/60’s glamour vibe and her apparent propensity for wearing black, these days it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Empty Vessels

Let’s start things off positively: we’re prepared for a life with or without children. Life is good, regardless, and we’re generally nauseatingly happy. It is, however, a bit of a shocker to realise that trying to have a baby will … Continue reading

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Slash or Burn Part 2 – NHS Rant

On the left is my NHS fertility consultant. She’s ‘treating’ me for my PCOS and apparent inability to A) ovulate with any regularly B) get my progesterone scores into double digits and C) hang on to an embryo for more than … Continue reading

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