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Good smells are underrated. They are tempting, memorable and distracting. I believe that men should have a discernible smell.

Not the smell of the great unwashed at the end of a long sweaty, deodorant-free day. The kind of smell that pervades a packed tube train, sticking to the air like a dying man refusing to ‘move along, please’, nor the smell that threatens asphyxia by dint of crowding out the oxygen and is always, always emitted from the one whose stained armpit your commuting face is squashed into.

Not the smell of a heavy smoker who trails a stale, dead grey-brown fug in their wake, whose rank stench makes one wonder if they have boiled their clothes with industrial strength nicotine patches in order to maximise skin exposure opportunities. It’s either their entire wardrobe or just the underpants where the skin is thinner and the absorption more efficient. I hesitate to ask.

smell badNot the smell of the homeless, the unwell, the baby vomit, the cumin-sweats, the trod-in-dog-shit, the mustiness of a poor launderer or flashbacks caused by my grandmother’s perfume.

No, I mean the smell of cologne, aftershave, that man version of body-spray. Whatever it is, men should wear it. They should put it on in the morning, and just before getting on the tube home. They should splash it on liberally. I should be made LAW, I tell you!

smell a b cOccasionally a fellow commuter smells lovely, it’s a delight. The only problem is that the smell can be so lovely one wants to start actively start sniffing their skin, drinking in the scent of a complete stranger. The outcome of which could be….interesting.

smell 1

When you start actively using your nose to ‘listen’ to the aromas around you it’s fascinating how your interest can be piqued. The only problem to get around then is when the scent is more attractive than the source it emanates from.

It seems strange to me that we spend ages ensuring we are clean and bad smell free, then forget to scent ourselves up, relying on the merest whiff of pheromones to see us through the day.

Bring back man scent!

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