The Master Plan


I’ve mentioned ‘The Master Plan‘ before. Over time I have ground out a few guidelines/rules/commandments that form the heart of it. No doubt these will change as the year(s) progress, however at this point in my particular adventure, they are apt.

Here they are in no particular order.

  1. I will eat only when hungry, and stop eating when I feel satisfied.
  2. I will eat quality ingredients in smaller portions.
  3. I will get my large behind moving.
  4. I will stick to the long term goal.
  5. I will log what I eat each day, regardless.
  6. I will not resent myself for falling off the wagon/going over the daily allowance/engaging in a celebration, as I will get back on track immediately.
  7. I will have a positive attitude on the scales, regardless.
  8. I will continually develop and implement my nutritional education.
  9. I will take responsibility for my body, its appearance and my self esteem.
  10. I will deliberately look in the mirror without scorn or derision.
  11. I will accept the Sludgebelly family genetics, PCOS complications and aim for a sensible, healthy goal – for life.
  12. I will not obsess, become a misery-guts, bore people to death, nor get them to change their choices to suit me, the minority, at the table.
  13. I will continue to look at the Fashion Buyers’ skeletal forms with horror.
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