The Dietician – Act 1

Jan 4th
Referral requested via Dr. Normal waiting times are 3 months.

Feb 2nd
Fertility consultant writes to Dr to strongly support my referral and request this is treated as a priority.
I’m on a count down to 39, you see, my time runs out the day before my 40th birthday.
1year to lose 100lbs. I can do this, there’s time.

I weigh 266lbs. Fitday says this burns 3100cals. To lose 2lbs per week I need to eat 2100cals per day. So this is my target. I ignore the confusing, contradictory advice on the Internet and get on with focussing on my path.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I work away at Fitday, weigh myself weekly, focus on hitting my target calories as dictated by Fitday’s calculations. And encounter a lot of demoralising plateaux periods.

May 28th
Today is the day of my appointment with the dietician. Five months after my initial request.

The hospital reception is manned by volunteers. A sign says:

‘Due to patient confidentiality, please wait at the barrier’.

‘The dietician, please.’ My husband says to the retired gentleman volunteer.
‘Top of the stairs in area D’ the volunteer’s voice booms throughout the busy yet deathly quiet open reception. ‘D for dietician.’ He booms again helpfully, his voice reaching the far corners of the seating areas. Heads look up from torn, out of date magazines.

Small mercies for it not being Area S for Sperm Count.

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