New Year’s Resolutions 2014

The miracle of the interwebs, and WordPress’s suggestions, lead me to this post about how to make resolutions that stick, exercise being a frequent occurrence. While most shops put on their financial fat in the pre-Christmas rush, gyms live for the New Year, basking in the knowledge that they will rake in the cash and any overcrowding issues will be over by February.

That post got me thinking: What did I want to achieve in 2014, and what is the best way to get it all to stick? A big learn from 2013 was that a sure fire way for anything to fail was to over commit in the first place.

First and foremost, let’s talk about that elephant in the room, that old favourite on every Resolution List since year dot, shall we say it together? ‘Loose weight’! Yes, people, it’s Number 1 on the list again, for I am a flubber-wubber and no mistake. And I don’t like it, never have, never will. It messes up my health and is murderous to obtaining a good wardrobe.

There are no specifics No ‘lose ‘x’pounds per week’, no ‘size 12 by next Christmas’, no ‘I shall exercise every day, without fail, like wot the Fashion Buyers seem to do, and get as skinny as them’. The target will be ‘LESS’. Less than I am now. And healthier, despite the PCOS, the hormone imbalances, the thyroid and other complications that will be fighting to hang onto the flab every step of the way.

The plan to achieve it:
. Walk. It’s London. The streets lead everywhere, I have an unpaid lunch break. Go figure.
. Yoga. Have DVD, will stretch. My life is bent over a desk, yoga saves a fortune on the sports masseur and chiropractor. It makes me happy, helps sleeping and gets work out my system. Marvellous.
. Actively remember that a human is more than a cerebral exercise, the body comes into it too.
. MyFitnessPal app, 1400 calories. Nuff said.
. Be honest with myself, growth happens through discomfort.

Update the blog once a week, more if there is something to write about, or time to do it. Real Life is hectic, other stuff needs to be done.

2014 is the year of balance, and detecting the unbalance before the ol’ knicker-twisting, stress fest begins.

The original Master Plan still stands.

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