At work we are spoiled. We have a dining room, (not a canteen, no siree), and it takes up most of a floor. To put it into context, imagine you’ve just got out of the lift, start walking, keep walking for about 4 minutes. Stop walking, you’ve completed a brisk floor circuit – with no stopping for coffee or polite chatter with people you know.

Our kitchens and chefs produce enough food for 2200 people each day. And that’s just in one building. There are seven others.

Breakfast offering
Yoghurt bar, with dried fruits and nuts
Fresh fruit – whole or pre-prepared in pots
Pre-packed cookies & muffins
Bean-to-cup coffee offering four types of coffee (espresso, my life blood, is served in the ground floor cafe)
Eggs, scrambled plus one other (fried/poached)
Pork products: Bacon, black pudding, sausage
Kippers (blergh)
Tomatoes – tinned and fresh grilled
Bread: three types of sliced loaf, fried, toasted bagel, rolls
Cereal – six types
French pastries – normally six types
Scones – three types

Lunch offering
One vegetarian option, two meat options
Jacket potato (enormous!) with a choice of a hot filling or baked beans
One starch vegetable (including rice)
Two types of non-starch vegetables
Puddings – two cold, one hot; occasionally a cheese platter
Sandwiches, ready made
Sandwiches made to order
Soup, freshly made each day
Salad bar for self selection, with a fish, two meats and 12 types of salad and 4 dressings
Snack bags of crisps, popcorn, pre-packed bakery etc

Afternoon Tea (I kid you not)
Fifteen (yes, fifteen)types of baked sweet goods made on the premises by an angel.

It’s not that hard to walk by each day, the amount of choice makes it easy. By the time the day ends my average consumption at work is eight to nine hundred (my weight loss intake should be 1400 for the day) and an unquantifiable level of caffeine.

Oh, and we have a licensed bar, too. Everything on offer in these areas is heavily subsidised, which should be an indicator that we are not Google. We are just very, very lucky. And gluttons for unpaid overtime.

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