Confession Time – Week 1

Ok people, it’s one week in and time for coughing up. The ‘be brutally honest’ part of this campaign is to share how I’m doing, good or bad; particularly when bad.

Week 1
Starting weight: 257lbs (it has been worse)
Loss : 2lbs
Loss to date: 2lbs
Exercise: walked for 30mins minimum every day bar Thursday.

Don’t forget the snack c.16:00. Supreme hunger feels like nausea; not great when you’re on a packed commuter train. You sit there, forcing yourself to swallow, lips clamped firmly shut, breathing slowly and deeply, wondering how you’re going to get to the train doors on the other side of the human sardine tin before it’s too late. Yelling ‘I’m going to be sick’ can be counter productive.

I’ve seen it happen. It was the first day back after New Year, everyone was trying to hibernate for the journey, not ready to accept that their body clock would have to change back to business-acceptable timing. We’d just passed the penultimate station, entering the long, slow haul into the terminus, the longest stage between stations on the entire journey. It was carnage.

When commuters yell ‘move down the train’, the response is usually ‘where to?’. It’s amazing how much room can be found in a commuter train when someone is sick, loudly and repeatedly. Poor woman, I feel for her even now.

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2 Responses to Confession Time – Week 1

  1. 2lbs is awesome! It’s a really great start so congratulations on the loss! Yeah, the snack is so important! I always have something healthy that I can carry with me just in case!
    Good luck on the rest of your journey! You’ve got this!

  2. sludgebelly says:

    Thanks Christine, it’s baby steps all the way. Good luck with your plans!

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