Is it three weeks already?

Week 3
Starting weight: 257lbs (it has been worse)
Current weight: 251lbs
Loss : maintain
Loss to date: 6lbs
Exercise: yes.

Learns: housework burns a lot of calories.

With an average daily intake of 1470 calories, walking early in the week to make sure it’s done, six hours of deep cleaning on the weekend, you’d think there might be a bit of a loss this week. Last week I mentioned the theory that the weight change you work on this week actually shows up in the next but one weigh in. Maybe there is something in that after all.

PCOS, as any Dr, fertility consultant or dietician will tell you, if you are unfortunate enough to need any of them, means weight is hard to lose. Am I bothered about this week’s results? No. Once, to meet the BMI requirements of IVF, I lived off 1240-1300 calories a day. All hail long term plateau, anxiety and a chronic sense of failure. I’m done with that.

The private fertility specialist said crash dieting, as recommended by our NHS consultants, was counter productive. The body redirects functions away from the reproductive system as it fights to keep the body going. The very part of your body you want to keep in tip-top condition is shutting down. And it takes time to get back to normal.

During this process, you’re still focussing on trying to get pregnant, gorging on prescription meds and Thinking of England so often sex becomes tiresome, boring and definitely not the fabulously good and dirty shag-fest you started off with all those years ago. Increasingly you both start to wonder if nookie will ever again be spontaneous, no-pressure and just shagging for the sheer fun of it.

Anyway, won’t of that maudlin business and back to cleaning; I can’t believe the calories burned. According to MyFitnessPal, it’s 280 calories an hour. A three hour stint is 853. Blimey!!! If I’d known this before I’d have been less of a domestic slattern and more OCD housewife. I have a sneaky feeling this place is going to be spotless from now on.

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