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When medical opinions collide

Ten months and a five month waiting list ago I managed to finally meet the NHS dietician. She said: Have you tried losing weight before? Yes I replied, thinking of the drawer full of clothes that had become too small … Continue reading

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Party 0, Sludgebelly 1-ish

They never seem to stop, the Christmas parties around here. It started on the 3rd of December with a Swedish schnapps-fuelled, drunken group-singing, buffet-laden night (the Janssen’s temptation was burnt at the edges, poor show, dahling), the physical effects of … Continue reading

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The Dietician – Act 1

Jan 4th Referral requested via Dr. Normal waiting times are 3 months. Feb 2nd Fertility consultant writes to Dr to strongly support my referral and request this is treated as a priority. I’m on a count down to 39, you … Continue reading

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Raw flesh

When I was in my early twenties I discovered Maria Callas. For a former post-punk Goth this was something of a departure, yet given the whole 50’s/60’s glamour vibe and her apparent propensity for wearing black, these days it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Slash or Burn

I asked the doctor for a referral to a dietician. He offered me surgery. Dude, I thought, I’m not that bad, surely. Does a size 20 actually need surgery? Are you crazy?  “No, thank you.” I said, appalled. A relative-by-marriage of … Continue reading

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Comfort Eating

This is a wagon. Three guesses for what’s happened – what I have done after three weeks of being strict. It’s my fault, no-one else’s. I take responsibility for falling off it (gosh, given the game away, there) and it is … Continue reading

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