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Slash or Burn Part 2 – NHS Rant

On the left is my NHS fertility consultant. She’s ‘treating’ me for my PCOS and apparent inability to A) ovulate with any regularly B) get my progesterone scores into double digits and C) hang on to an embryo for more than … Continue reading

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Slash or Burn

I asked the doctor for a referral to a dietician. He offered me surgery. Dude, I thought, I’m not that bad, surely. Does a size 20 actually need surgery? Are you crazy?  “No, thank you.” I said, appalled. A relative-by-marriage of … Continue reading

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Call me sludgebelly

Rotund. Rubenesque. Slightly fuzzy around the edges. Call it what you will, it doesn’t escape the truth: Fat. Obese. Size 20 and 19 stone of the wobbly stuff. Compared to some, that’s not too bad, but for the majority, for … Continue reading

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