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Is it three weeks already?

Week 3 Starting weight: 257lbs (it has been worse) Current weight: 251lbs Loss : maintain Loss to date: 6lbs Exercise: yes. Learns: housework burns a lot of calories. With an average daily intake of 1470 calories, walking early in the … Continue reading

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Grieving for that which is lost.

Sunday was a great day: some dear friends who had been struggling to have a baby for many years were delivered of a healthy baby boy. We are thrilled for them and so pleased they have succeeded. Sunday was a … Continue reading

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One year on

A year has passed since I started this blog. Many, many months have passed under the bridge, like a never ending game of poo sticks in a fast slowing stream. They have also been many months of inactivity. Draft posts … Continue reading

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Empty Vessels

Let’s start things off positively: we’re prepared for a life with or without children. Life is good, regardless, and we’re generally nauseatingly happy. It is, however, a bit of a shocker to realise that trying to have a baby will … Continue reading

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Slash or Burn Part 2 – NHS Rant

On the left is my NHS fertility consultant. She’s ‘treating’ me for my PCOS and apparent inability to A) ovulate with any regularly B) get my progesterone scores into double digits and C) hang on to an embryo for more than … Continue reading

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Comfort Eating

This is a wagon. Three guesses for what’s happened – what I have done after three weeks of being strict. It’s my fault, no-one else’s. I take responsibility for falling off it (gosh, given the game away, there) and it is … Continue reading

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