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Party 0, Sludgebelly 1-ish

They never seem to stop, the Christmas parties around here. It started on the 3rd of December with a Swedish schnapps-fuelled, drunken group-singing, buffet-laden night (the Janssen’s temptation was burnt at the edges, poor show, dahling), the physical effects of … Continue reading

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Nudism is Always an Option

I caught sight of myself in the lift mirror this week. Rattlingly ancient, size-too-big, faded black trews sagged around my legs, tummy and bum. I hated the way I looked. I said to my husband: I looked hideous today, a … Continue reading

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Googly Eyeballs

I work with a bunch of blokes. We had a study done recently (nothing to do with gender) however an interesting outcome was that our directorate is 70 percent male. Of the 30 percent female only 4 percent are in … Continue reading

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  Good smells are underrated. They are tempting, memorable and distracting. I believe that men should have a discernible smell. Not the smell of the great unwashed at the end of a long sweaty, deodorant-free day. The kind of smell that pervades a packed … Continue reading

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