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Confession Time – Week 2

Week 2 Starting weight: 257lbs (it has been worse) Current weight: 251lbs Loss : 4lbs!!!! Loss to date: 6lbs Exercise: unbelievably old school levels of bad. Learns: exercise less, eat more, it would seem! The truth is I was sitting … Continue reading

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Party 0, Sludgebelly 1-ish

They never seem to stop, the Christmas parties around here. It started on the 3rd of December with a Swedish schnapps-fuelled, drunken group-singing, buffet-laden night (the Janssen’s temptation was burnt at the edges, poor show, dahling), the physical effects of … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions 2014

The miracle of the interwebs, and WordPress’s suggestions, lead me to this post about how to make resolutions that stick, exercise being a frequent occurrence. While most shops put on their financial fat in the pre-Christmas rush, gyms live for … Continue reading

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Journals vs Blogging

The zerotohero question was: why blog instead of a personal journal? It’s because blogging enables expression without the need to either pay someone to sit and listen, or expose innermost fragilities to some poor bugger who will suffer being the … Continue reading

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One year on

A year has passed since I started this blog. Many, many months have passed under the bridge, like a never ending game of poo sticks in a fast slowing stream. They have also been many months of inactivity. Draft posts … Continue reading

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