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The diet battle ground is in your head.

Recently, my husband got me thinking about my motives for weight loss and led to my trying to figure out what I want. This last fortnight was beset with a workload requiring two, ten day weeks (thank god for freelancers), … Continue reading

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Starkers it is then.

Cast your mind back, deep into the realms of my last post. The memory of it now dimmed by the mists of time, blurred by the inevitable yet slow degradation of the little grey cells and all that. I ordered some new … Continue reading

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Googly Eyeballs

I work with a bunch of blokes. We had a study done recently (nothing to do with gender) however an interesting outcome was that our directorate is 70 percent male. Of the 30 percent female only 4 percent are in … Continue reading

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  Good smells are underrated. They are tempting, memorable and distracting. I believe that men should have a discernible smell. Not the smell of the great unwashed at the end of a long sweaty, deodorant-free day. The kind of smell that pervades a packed … Continue reading

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Identity Theft

Today’s dispatch is brought to you by Our Lady in the Bathwater. Today I attended a course on ‘presentation skills’. Megamind said the difference between a villain and a supervillain is presentation, and as I have plans for World Domination it … Continue reading

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