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Party 0, Sludgebelly 1-ish

They never seem to stop, the Christmas parties around here. It started on the 3rd of December with a Swedish schnapps-fuelled, drunken group-singing, buffet-laden night (the Janssen’s temptation was burnt at the edges, poor show, dahling), the physical effects of … Continue reading

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Starkers it is then.

Cast your mind back, deep into the realms of my last post. The memory of it now dimmed by the mists of time, blurred by the inevitable yet slow degradation of the little grey cells and all that. I ordered some new … Continue reading

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Nudism is Always an Option

I caught sight of myself in the lift mirror this week. Rattlingly ancient, size-too-big, faded black trews sagged around my legs, tummy and bum. I hated the way I looked. I said to my husband: I looked hideous today, a … Continue reading

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